Bangkok, or do you mean Bang Khen

Another tale of our unfortunate happenings. This time in Thailand. Prior to popping over to Thailand, we were in Cambodia. We booked our bus over to Bangkok and decided to book a place to stay on Agoda. We found somewhere pretty cheap, and the reviews said it was in a good location. Sorted. We crossed the border with few issues other than Ed sweating out a post Hak’s House hangover and looking very sketchy in the queue, and attempting to find our bus on the Thai side of the border. A few hours later we arrived in Bangkok. We weren’t too sure where abouts our room was, we figured we would take a ride there so swiftly found a taxi. We showed the driver our booking with the address on, and he looked somewhat astonished. He showed us on a map that where we had booked was actually not in central Bangkok, instead quite a way out. Great. He wanted quite a whack of money, we bartered as much as we could but had to settle on around £30.
So we set off, we thought; surely it can’t be that far. After about 30 very painful, long minutes consisting of the car stopping and starting every other second we were still no where near. I’d say almost an hour had passed when he finally turned down a road which was apparently where our hostel was located. Yep, this was the road. He pulled up and we parted with our money and checked into our hostel. It turns out, we were staying in Bang Khen, not central Bangkok. We checked out the local area, all one road of it, and were rather surprised to see a Tesco Express! Most bizarre. A few purchases later, we called it a night as there was nothing to do in good old Bang Khen. After a bloody awful nights sleep we had to up and leave. We had to get out of Bang Khen! We got on a bus heading in the right direction, of course, it was the wrong one. 3 buses later, we were in Bangkok and found a hostel where we originally anticipated to be.

The moral to this story: read the location properly on Agoda!


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