Everybody loves a little luxury now and then

When travelling, a little bit of luxury on the very odd occasion is always a winner. Be it splashing out on a posh meal, going first class on a sleeper train or booking a nice hotel. Every now and then travellers need a little bit of replenishment. 

For us, in Asia, we opted for a 3 night stay in the Royal Plaza hotel, Hong Kong. After staying in very basic dorms around China, and numerous sleeper trains including an overnight, bum-numbing journey in hard sleeper (meaning seats) it was more than welcome. Having booked in advance on Agoda, we got a stonking great deal and managed to snap up the room in the 4+ star hotel for just £70 a night. That is the same price we paid to stay in a Premier Inn near Northamptonshire recently, only in Hong Kong we were getting the biggest and most comfy bed known to man, a swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a fantastic location. It felt so great to have a little bit of luxury, and after just 3 days, whilst a little sad to be leaving our new, lavish lifestyle, we were ready to get back to normal, back to the realms of tiny dorms, fellow travellers and a sense of adventure.


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