Hak’s House; the greatest hostel in all the lands

Hak’s House is a lovely hostel situated near Build Bright University, along a very bumpy road in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It truly was a wonderful place, and worthy of its very own post. We arranged a pick up from the bus drop-off, and after our journey from Phnom Penh we arrived in Siem Reap, happy to see a nice man there waiting to collect us. Upon arriving at Hak’s house, we knew our time here was going to be good. A welcome drink was a lovely and kind touch, and Hak was so cool. He knew so much and shared his knowledge with us. He didn’t try to rip us off, helped us sort everything out and provided us with some amazingly good entertainment.

Talking about entertainment, we met a couple of Welsh dudes one day we were there, and it was one of their birthdays the following day. We all decided to head into town in the evening of the birthday, and let Hak chose the entertainment. We headed to a local Khmer bar, complete with those big beer tank/jug/cooler things. A waitress kept it topped up at all times and kept plopping chunks of ice in the beer. A few jugs down, we headed to a local karaoke bar. Although it wasn’t the normal sort of bar found in Asia, it was pretty top-notch. So top-notch even us westerners could not afford it. We swiftly moved out and headed back to Hak’s to spend the rest of the night sipping on ridiculously strong Cambodian home mixes. Truly a good night had by all, the Welshies, Hak, Mr Sing the tuk-tuk driver, Ed and I. Hak’s made for comedy gold.

Other than providing us with a cracking night out, Hak’s house really was just perfect. All the staff were so welcoming and there was not much they wouldn’t too to keep their guests happy. The rooms were lovely and clean, and made for a peaceful nights sleep. Free breakfast in the morning, while not unusual in Asian hostels, was delightful and served with a huge grin. The best way to start the day.

But, above all, it was Hak that made the stay for us. He was so helpful and arranged everything we needed. He told us about the bus scam from Bangkok to look out for, about how much we should be paying tuk-tuk drivers, the best places to see in Angkor and everything else in between.
If you are at a loss for where to stay in Siem Reap, look no further than Hak’s House.




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