Previous to travelling around Asia in 2011, I was not a fan of pineapples. They made my tongue itch and my mouth burn. I never had a good experience with a pineapple. That is, until I tried some in Vietnam. Oh my ruddy ranch, they were fantastically delicious. THE BEST PINEAPPLE I HAD EVER TRIED, EVER EVER EVER. (Which wasn’t hard given that all the stuff I had tried before was somewhat below par) I was a convert, a newly formed pineapple lover. I could not get enough of the stuff. It truly was INSANELY good. My father recently explored Bali and, I am glad to report, he said the pineapple there was just wonderful. Since returning to England, I have often found myself craving that fresh, juicy, naturally sweet pineapple that is so good out in Asia.

Until next time, dear pineapples, I thank you for the taste sensation you gave me.


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