The many same faces of Vietnam

It started as soon as we left Hanoi, and would continue until our final destination of Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh City. Everywhere we went, we saw a face we had previously seen in the country. We couldn’t go anywhere without seeing someone from a previous destination. It began as a bizarre “wow, look who that is!” but quickly turned into a source of light entertainment. The Spanish folk I mentioned about in Halong Bay, the ones who were forced back to their cabins due to the disastrous karaoke, were at every left turn. We were happily cycling along in Hoi An, had to slow down, and who do we see next to us, only the Spanyards! A young couple from Hanoi, we saw about 4 times throughout the country. I suppose this just shows how easy Vietnam is to travel around, and there is a well-trodden backpacker route, which clearly we were all on.

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