Food on the road

Well, when travelling, strange food is something you will always encounter. Whether you want to or not. However, what is strange to us may be an absolute delicacy to others. When travelling in Asia, it was particularly hard to avoid weird and wonderful (?) food items. Not being a hugely adventurous foody sort of person, I opted for tofu mostly. Which, when covered in delicious spices and sauce does not taste like cardboard. Ed, on the other hand, was much more willing to give anything a go. Though we didn’t (we hope) consume what us Westerners consider domestic pets; ie.fluffy dogs and pretty cats; bugs, critters and insects were all digested by Ed. (Dipped in sweet chilli sauce for a bit of extra flavour…) 

The thing that I loved the most about the food in Asia was the absolute freshness of it all. Given that a fair amount (perhaps majority) of people in the Asian countries we visited buy their fruit, vegetables and meat fresh from the market daily rather than freeze and refrigerate food stuffs – for many this is not an option, we were able to enjoy the freshest, most delicious meals. And not to mention the rice! I love the damn stuff  Each meal I had containing rice was perfect every single time! Every time I eat, cook (attempt to), or even see rice on the shelves, I always find myself thinking about all the work, time and effort put in to getting each grain for us to devour.

Anyway, this is a fairly pointless post. I am rambling on but the point is that wherever you go in the world you will encounter food, which should nearly always be enjoyed! Image


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