Travel: A reflective post

Around my early teens is when I realised that travelling is something I really, really wanted to do. It was never a given, though. Alot of people assumed I would go straight to university, and at one point this pressure made me hold the idea that I certainly would NOT be going into further education. However, after much deliberation, I decided it would be pretty fun, hopefully worthwhile and I applied… With a deferred entry of course! Once I knew I had a gap year to toy with, I spent many hours during free periods on travel websites and day dreaming. I put my plan into action and told my parents my ideas. Luckily for me, I have a wonderful set of parents (albeit who lead their own separate lives) who support and encourage me to do what I really want to do, not what others think I should do. Which, parents if you are reading, I am endlessly grateful for. Glad to have their support, (after all I was 17 when I decided I would definitely travel) I continued with my plans and saved up. Eventually, the flight was booked and the excitement gathered. Soon enough, I was off. A few months later and back to the same daily life as I had left, I knew that I certainly, absolutely MUST travel again. And so I have. And so I dedicate working hard and saving all my money and therefore living a poor, yet very happy existence in order to continue my love affair with the planet.

Of course, travel is not for everyone. And I am no preacher. Whilst I would absolutely encourage anyone who has even a glimmer of thought about travel to up and go, I would never look down on those that have no interest in the backpacker lifestyle. But for me, I have found my real passion and also someone to share it with. I am very grateful for all the memories travelling has enabled me to have, and the strength and motivation it has given me to not give up on things and instead to really enjoy life. Many small, fleeting moments that are over as soon as they started have been experienced by me whilst being on the road, yet they are some of the best. Exploring the globe has allowed me to understand myself a great deal more and now I know what really is important to me. For this, I raise my glass!


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