… for the big trip is BUILDING!!!

Any one who has travelled before will likely know the feeling of overwhelming excitement bubbling up inside of them pre-departure. And for us, this will be a long time coming. Having thrown ourselves into the world of full-time work after graduating from university; working every hour possible whilst not turning into a hermit has been challenging. When I am not working for a day I feel almost as though I should be as I could be earning a little more to put towards what I love the most. However, after many months putting the hours in I am more than ready to depart. The only thing stopping us is the money…still! Despite all the work we have been doing we are still far from our budget. Though, we have done very well and by the time the day finally comes where we leave England for pastures new it will be a very good and well-earned feeling indeed.

The thing that is bugging me the most though, is that we don’t actually have a leaving date! This may seem strange, but because we are going by road, trains and buses can only be booked so far in advance. As soon as we know when we will hit our financial target, we will be booking our tickets for our trains on the Transsiberian route and sorting out some visas. That will be a good day.


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