Music is a huge part of travelling for me. There is a song to go with every emotion experienced when travelling. It is my perfect companion whilst on the road (alongside Ed, of course).

When I find myself without my trusty iPod I do feel a little lost. Or when I forget to charge it and the damn thing runs out on a Vietnamese bus resulting in having to endure either a sitcom or karaoke show, at exceptionally loud volumes. This stuff is scarring. Add into the mix the roars and cackles coming from the locals who find the stuff absolutely hilarious and you are looking at one heck of a long and painful journey. (It is likely they would say the same if we swapped our entertainment, mind.) Alternatively, when someone starts piping up their mobile phone on the hard seat carriage of a Chinese sleeper train, playing ludicrously loud (for 4am) tinny, Asian pop, screeching music – which, I am not dissing, I just wouldn’t write home about it… This is marginally worse. Still, all part of the experience.

One time, when on a dodgy night bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok – so dodgy that it wasn’t allowed to be seen in the ‘official’ bus station, instead picking its’ passengers up in a truck and delivering them at an old petrol station (we were poor, needs must) – I was unlucky enough to be the victim of robbery during my sleep. Okay it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but still made me have a think about being less carefree none the less. Luckily, only a small amount of money was taken alongside a bank card that was no longer being used, but my really important possessions were saved the fate of the cash. My battered old iPod remained faithful to me and was there to provide me with an apt song for my dampened mood. When feeling pissed off from being robbed by some dodgy Thai, popping in the pod solved everything. Oh, the power of music!


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