It’s been a bit quiet, but now the countdown is officially ON

Being at home, working and saving doesn’t generally call for much in the way of cracking stories. Whilst it’s not all bad being home, it doesn’t particularly provide a great deal of writing inspiration! Because of this, the blog has been a little on the quiet side recently. However, I plan to update lots of pages I have been meaning to for a while.

It seems that every other person is off on an adventure, and I must say it makes me even more excited to get away and a little bit jealous of everyone enjoying the sunshine and exploring whilst I am stuck in the cold, mundane working slog. Still, all for a greater purpose!

With this post, I can say we officially have a leaving date now. On August 21st we will be boarding a train to Paris to begin the start of the biggest adventure yet! Having been desperate to get something booked so that we had a date to focus on, I was so happy to finally know when we would be off. Originally, during the initial planning stages of the trip, we planned to leave alot earlier, however, as always, things came up. Being lucky enough to get Glastonbury tickets again, we planned to leave straight after that. As ever, this is not the case; Ed’s favourite band, ever, have reformed and are playing in none other than his home county of Kent (how very rock ‘n’ roll). This is on August 2nd, so, of course, we had to stay for that as, after all, it was something he thought would never happen and it might not happen again. So, with that in mind I looked into Paris, and what was going on around August time. My search led me to find that there is a festival taking place during the weekend of the 23rd August. So, we decided to go for the Wednesday prior, and enjoy a day of music whilst there. With the date now set, the focus is sharpened and I have a new wave of determination!

Now, my only problem is the over whelming excitement that I seem to wake up to. Half my time is spent researching and planning, the other half day dreaming deliriously about the forthcoming adventures. I am happy to say, the countdown is officially ON.


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