The twilight robbery of Chiang Mai

So not really twilight, but the middle of the night. Details aside, a robbery still took place somewhen (Isle of Wight lingo, for those unaware of that word) between the hours of night and morning…

We were on a night bus, heading from Chiang Mai to Bangkok for our flight to Hong Kong. We had been told the bus was a dodgy one. It was so cheap and was not allowed to be in the official Government bus stations. Instead, a red truck picked us up and dropped us off at some abandoned petrol station where we were loaded onto the bus. Half the seats were full so we had to take one of the remaining two seaters which happened to be next to the stairs off the bus (where the crafty buggers hid whilst hunting through my stuff).

Having got 3 months through Asia with no real mishaps, and certainly no robberies, I didn’t really think twice about putting my little bag in the seat pocket. Normally I would keep that sort of thing on my body but it was so uncomfortable and I was so tired it was making me fidget so I shoved it in the pocket. During the journey I recall waking up in the night and my bag had dropped to the floor. I did think this was odd however in my dazed state I picked it back up and continued to sleep.

It didn’t actually twig that I had been the culprit of a robbery until we got to Bangkok airport. I opened my purse to count how many HK dollars I had in there and to my surprise the ruddy stuff was missing! As was a debit card and 5 of England’s finest pounds. The damage was about £25 in total. Whilst a considerably small fortune to some, this peeved me as I had been holding onto that HK money, by accident, for months. It just kept appearing in my bag, pockets, purse and became a running joke. As for the fiver, that I had reserved to purchase some quavers upon arrival in the UK… Still, they had left the necklace, battered phone which was being used as a trusty alarm clock, and also, much to my delight, my trusty iPod. And, little did they know, just the previous night I had transferred all the money from the debit card they had stolen to another card. Mwahaha.

Still, I cancelled the card immediately and felt a little annoyed with myself that one careless action could result in this! Though the damage was not huge, it was still strange to think someone had been rummaging around my stuff whilst I was sleeping.

After our problematic visit to Thailand, which included our visit to Bangkhen instead of Bangkok, we were happy to be heading to what had become our Asian home of Hong Kong.

Lesson learned here: Cope with the uncomfortable fidgeting unless you want to sacrifice your western cravings when you get home. Alternatively, pay a tiny bit more.


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