Vienna or Salzburg? And the winner is…

NB: This post should have come after Munich and before Budapest!


Salzburg High Street

A weekend in the city of Munich complete, we made our way to Austria. First stop, Salzburg. Not originally part of our itinerary, Austria became a destination we could stop off at, just because we could. Two nights were planned for Vienna, but this was soon changed to a night in Salzburg then a night in Vienna after my good friend and fellow traveller Sarah sold it to me. Whilst not a fan of rushing too much, this part of our trip is somewhat different. With the fairly strict scheduling of the interrail pass (10 days travel with a period of 22 days) we thought it wouldn’t harm to spend a night in each city and get a taste for them; rather than miss them out all together. And we are so glad we did!

IMG_4492Salzburg is a beautiful city and small enough to not be intimidating, yet large enough to offer all you might need from a city break. Having just one day in the city we followed a route on our hostel’s map (of a walking tour they offer) and explored the city streets and up to the castle and beyond on foot. After walking along the hilltops, we returned to street level and found a cracking burger bar named ‘bio Burger’ which had ample veggie and vegan options aside from the standard bean burger. Being the foodie that I am, my day had been made!

Having not long ago spent time in the tremendous Swiss Alps, we didn’t take any excursions to the surrounding mountains. Nor did we opt to join in on any of the Sound of Music tours (or, purchase a little dancing Mozart, a Mozart dream catcher or some Mozart chocolate!) Whilst a few more days would have been ideal to slow down the pace and explore deeper, one day gave a good insight into the delightful and charming Salzburg.

CIMG4021Waking up early the next day, we headed to Vienna; the countries capital. Whilst it didn’t have the same warmng effect on me as Salzburg, it was a nice city which could easily fill a few days. Once day provided us with enough time to walk down the main shopping street into the old city. Whilst very pretty, it was very touristy and we were constantly asked if we wanted to buy tickets for this opera or that tour. Despite this, it was pleasant to walk around and check out some of the old and famous buildings.

Deciding on which city I preferred was easy, it had to be Salzburg. The smaller centre and bags of old city charm were endearing and truly lovely. And, if you are a big fan of Julie Andrews, the hills are truly alive with the Sound of Music!




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