Prague, a place we should all Czech out…

… (Very punny)

What better way to get over a pleasant but distinctly average couple of days in Bratislava than to go to Prague! (Apart from going back to Budapest…)

Prague is beautiful and full of the old city charm that I just love. The old city is in tact and unspoilt; due to Hitler liking the place and using it as a holiday destination it did not suffer the terrible war wounds that we have seen so much of the past few weeks. Walking across Charles Bridge you can really imagine how life was for some a few decades ago.


With 3 days in Prague we had a decent amount of time to take in the sights, one of which included watching the Astronomical Clock doing its little display. This was most underwhelming (as expected) and lasts a couple of minutes. It is voted the world’s first most overrated tourist attraction but this does not deter the hordes stopping by to witness the er… show. We stumbled across it (as we also seem to do) by wandering around the square and wondering what the mass gathering of people was about.  Still, it’s been ticked off the list and noted mentally as something not to bother with again.

Aside from the spectacle of the clock (which actually is quite a sight for sore eyes prior to the daily show) we saw much of the old city which is full of delightful buildings and far too many tourist shops selling the same overpriced tat. I really hate these shops because they are so GARISH and there is SO MUCH STUFF in them that my eyes can’t focus and my head begins to ache as soon as I see one lingering in the distance. Still, I had to venture into one to sustain my mother’s magnet collection and I managed to do the job in a swift in-out movement. Result. Moving on from the tacky shops, the old town is beautiful and walking along the maze of streets and tiny side alleys can be a great way to get lost and enjoy doing so.

IMG_4925Crossing Charles Bridge you can walk to the castle through old streets and up many, many stairs. The walk is really lovely and when you get to the top the view is pretty special. Again we, without realising it, timed our walk to the castle with the changing of the guards and again were greeted with an ever-growing mass of people hovering by the gates. We couldn’t see for toffee, so we gave up and walked around and then back down to the city.
IMG_4957We also visited the National Museum, which was pretty good and nice and cheap. The old building is actually being restored at the moment, so we went to the new one and didn’t expect too much. With 2 floors of exhibitions it proved to be an interesting afternoon and a great way to keep out the rain!

A highlight for me though, has to be the food! Not Czech food i’m afraid, but the most wonderful vegetarian food. We found two amazing restaurants that were completely veggie and had the yummiest food. Being a veggie it’s not always easy to find food in restaurants that doesn’t revolve around mushrooms, so to have pages of choice was bloody lovely.

IMG_4989After 3 nights of exploring and walking (28 km on one day alone!) we packed our bags ready for Berlin. Prague was a treat and one of the highlights of the European stint so far!


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