The three month round up

So three months in, it’s time for a round up!

The past three months have been absolutely awesome and we have experienced a heck of a lot, met some wonderful people from all corners of the world and been ill more times than I care to remember.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done:

•Been on 22 trains
•Taken 5 bumpy bus rides
•Been in countless undergrounds, taxis and tuk-tuks
•Visited 14 countries
•Been ill 3 times
•Stayed in a yurt in the middle of Mongolia
•Seen St. Basil’s cathedral
•Been robbed
•Dealt with bed bugs
•Ridden the trans Siberian from Moscow to Beijing
•Floated in the ocean on a tropical island
•Eaten more eggs than I have in my entire life previously
•Stayed on an island in the middle of the biggest freshwater lake in the world
•Finally been to the Great Wall of china
•Shared food with Russian locals
•Travelled from the UK to Asia overland
…and much more that will just create a list too long and boring!

And where we have been
•Czech Republic
•Hong Kong

Emotions on the trip have been a crazy mixture but looking back evokes nothing but amazing and hilarious memories and I look forward to the next three months!


3 thoughts on “The three month round up

  1. iputmylifeonashelf says:

    What are your plans for the next three months?

    Also, I disagree with adding more would make the list too long and boring. I love reading recaps! It makes my day at my desk go by faster when I daydream that it’s me out there!

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