The Money Series: Pre-trip Expenditure

Something that can easily be underestimated, is the money you need to spend before you even leave.

Before we had set foot outside of the UK, we had already racked up a total pre-trip expenditure of £1626 each, made up of the following:

  • £600 Trans-siberian tickets (Moscow – Beijing)
  • £265 Interrail passes
  • £52 Eurostar
  • £129 Train ticket from Warsaw – Moscow
  • £165 Travel insurance
  • £300 Injections
  • £40 Malaria tablets
  • £75 Miscellaneous bits and bobs (new bag for Ed, appropriate clothing, first aid stuff)

Everything on the list was a necessity for the trip. The injections were the most painful way to spend money, partly because they are injections, but also because they are SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. Whilst there are some free jabs that most people get, due to the nature of the trip meaning we were spending more than 1 month in a place where Japanese Encephalitis could be a risk, it was highly recommended we get that jab. When looking at the disease and realising 30% die, 30% survive but with serious brain damage, and the other get off okay, it was clear that we would be spending £180 getting the two injections. Alongside that, we got the rabies jab as there will be parts of the trip where we are very far from a medical facility, and even further from one that has the jabs we would need to stop us getting rabies should we be unfortunate enough to be attacked by a rabid animal. Whilst expensive; they had to be done.

As you can see, we spent a fair whack on transport. This is just the same as someone purchasing a flight. It is a BIG expense, but once it’s paid for, you know that your dream of travelling is becoming a reality, which makes working hard and saving that much easier.

If you are travelling for the first time, there may be more costs – you may need to get a decent bag (my trusty Gelert 60l has lasted me well the past few years, but Ed’s Vango broke on our last trip so he upgraded to a Berghaus), maybe some walking shoes, guidebooks, money belts, a camera and who knows what else.

Whilst it may seem depressing knowing you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds before you’ve even left home, think of it as a positive – you know that you don’t have to worry about these costs again, and you know it means you are one step closer to the dream trip!


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