The Liebster Awards

The Liebster Awards is an online award for talented bloggers with less than 200 followers. A lovely way to learn about your fellow bloggers!


Thank you to The Pink Moustache for nominating me for the award! Also, thank you to Living Large & Spending Small for nominating me way back. I may have forgotten completely about that nomination until now!

A quick search tells me that there are many different sets of rules for the Liebster Award. The two nominations I received have different rules, so I will combine them both…

Here are the Rules of the award:

1) Thank your ‘nominee’ and be sure to post a link back to their blog

2) Pop the logo of The Liebster Awards up on your blog post

3) List 11 random facts about yourself

4) Answers the questions you have been asked

5) Nominate other bloggers who have under 200 followers

6) Create and list your 10 questions for your nominations

7) Inform those you have nominated that you have selected them for the Liebster Award

Here are 11 random facts about myself

1. I have visited 27 countries and counting!2. I am from the Isle of Wight, a tiny island in the south of England
3. I am absolutely, bloody petrified of flying
4. I have a degree in Music & Live Events Management
5. I am a vegetarian
6. I have an irrational fear of bats
7. My favourite band ever is Explosions in the Sky
8. The only time I’ve ever been skiing I fell off the button lift twice and skidded down the mountain with my skis in the air
9. I once starred in the ‘Isle of Wight Beach Guide’ back in the 90’s sporting a Lion King swimming costume
10. I got stuck in a ‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ furry costume suit and it was the single most horrifying experience of my life
11. I have been to more than 25 music festivals

Here are my answers to the questions I received from The Pink Moustache

1) What’s the number one destination on your travel whishlist?

What a tricky question! There are so many places I would love to discover that it is hard to narrow it down to just one. For now, though, I think I shall say India. Somewhere that I have wanted to explore for years, I have recently met a good handful of people who have travelled around it and told me their tales, making my longing to get out there even bigger than before!

2) What’s your favorite destintion of 2013?

2013 has been an amazing year of travel for me, having left in August on my round the world trip. We travelled through Europe, then took the trans-siberian railway through Mongolia, Russia and China. We then began our 6 month journey through Asia and are currently in Cambodia! My favourite destination is, again, a tough call. I may be a little biased, having spent almost 3 months here but Cambodia has been truly magical. We volunteered for 2 months, have really explored, met some amazing people and learned so, so much. Alongside Cambodia, I would have to put Sion in Switzerland, Budapest in Hungary and Warsaw in Poland as my favourites!

3) You’ve got only 3 trips left as your 3 last wishes, where would they be?

1) Central and South America
2) Tibet, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka
3) Eastern Europe

4) Full time job + travel on your holidays or nomading?

Full time job to save, save, save, and then nomading for a long period of time! I am sure this will change when I eventually settle down and work on getting a career in a few years time!

5) Do you collect any souvenirs from places you visit? What do you bring back home with you from your trips?

I would never have the room to collect much as I tend to go on long term, backpacking trips. Usually I am on a tight budget too which means I have to resist! I do like to get a tacky magnet from each place though for my mum’s fridge. It started a few years ago and now every time myself or siblings go away we have to remember the fridge magnets!

6) What kind of travelling do you generally do, budget, mid-range or luxury?

Budget, definitely! Though I always try to make my budget reasonable. I would splash out a little more for a clean room rather than paying next to nothing for a bed-bug filled hole.

7) What are the essentials of your travel gear?

A money belt, for sleeping on trains and all sorts of other times when you feel a tiny bit more vulnerable. A first aid kit – I have used mine this trip more times than I remember. And, most essential of them all…my iPod.

8) What is the longest trip you ever took?

The longest trip I ever took, is the one I am taking! We left in August and have no end date in sight. In terms of an actual journey, it has to be the train from Moscow – Irkutsk, Russia. 4 nights on board a train! And it was no where near as bad as it sounds!

9) Do you prefer travelling alone, in a group or with a partner?

Of the three times I have travelled for periods of 3 months or more, they have always been with my partner. So, I have no experience of travelling alone. Being with another definitely makes things more fun on long journeys and it makes rooms, food etc that bit cheaper too.

10) As a begginer travel blogger, what are your resolutions in this aspect for 2014?

To try to keep up-to-date with the blog! Not always an easy task when you are on the move, but I will try my hardest!

Here are my nominations for The Liebster Award:

1. Somewheresville

2. GG’s Travels

3. Alive and at Home

4. 2 World Bloggers

And here are my 10 questions for my nominations!

1. Where is your favourite place in the world, and why?

2. Where is home, and what could you recommend to others to do there?

3. What do you miss most whilst being on the road?

4. What music makes you feel better, wherever you are in the world?

5. What is your funniest travel moment yet?

6. What destinations are on your travel wishlist for 2014?

7. Do you prefer to work whilst on the road, or save before and travel solidly?

8. What one thing can you not be without?

9. What destination has surprised you the most, and why?

10. If you could relive any moment of travel, what would it be?

Thank you again The Pink Moustache and Living Large Spending Small, and happy blogging!


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