Why I’m glad to be leaving Cambodia

We have been in the country since the beginning of November, resided in Siem Reap for 10 weeks and travelled around a fair portion. It has become a sort of ‘home away from home’, we have made wonderful friends and had an amazing experience volunteering. We saw some incredible places and learned more about the country and its people than ever before, all alongside some hilarious experiences. But, I am absolutely ready to pack my bag and leave this country.

The time has come where I need to see something new. Despite being in awesome places the last couple of weeks post volunteering, I have found the time dragging and myself wishing it would go faster so we could move onwards. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things I love about this country, but many that I can’t stand. The travelling from one destination to another, for one thing, is bloody awful. The food is okay, but for a vegetarian it’s not great (if I have to eat more oily morning glory I may shed a tear) and the utter lack of respect the locals demonstrate towards their very land is the thing that irks me the most. Tossing rubbish out of car windows, into bushes, into streams, around their world famous heritage sites and temples without any second thought. Cambodia is a beautiful country that is tarnished; I would love to see its people showing love and respect to their land, but imagine that this is not an attitude that will develop here for a very long time. Of course, there are a few that are passionate about their country, and those give me hope that one day others can be transformed, and also learn to look after the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Pastures new are awaiting us, and I am so ready for a change of pace and a change of lifestyle. Cambodia you’ve been a ball, but you are wearing thin now. Thank you, aw kohn, until next time!


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