5 months on

It’s been a little over 5 months since we left our homes, families and friends in the UK now. Which is kind of mad as if feels only yesterday we were getting on the Eurostar back in Kent. Not a great deal has changed since the 3 month round up post – we’ve finished volunteering, visited more of Cambodia, Ed for ill for a few days, Brad our friend from Australia has joined us on our travels, we’ve been on some god awful buses and we’ve hung out with wild elephants.
We’ve had an amazing time but I am missing a few things from back home. Mostly (asides from all my favourite people) food, tea and…a kitchen. I am quite fed up of eating out and want to be able to eat cereal at nighttime, bake yummy things and cook proper veggie friendly food. I would bloody love some chip shop chips, a slice of real cheddar cheese and some fruit and vegetables that don’t make you worry what water they’ve been washed in.

That being said, it makes me realise that life is very good I all I have to do us go without my favourite foods, but, alas, one cannot help but crave what they can’t have! Aside from food, I am longing for some clean air, not the hideously polluted and dusty stuff I have been breathing in since Mongolia. A walk on the beach by my home, with my dog, would be perfect!

Luckily, I have some family coming out to visit in Hong Kong this April, and I am more than excited! I am counting down the days until I see some of my loved ones and to be in a more civilised and orderly place again (think no hacking up half your insides, transport that works and not having people try to scam you left, right and centre). I love Asia, but it can be quite draining, particularly when you try to get away from the main tourist routes. Despite my current feelings towards te continent, I’ve no doubt that the ever so slight niggling feeling of wanting to see my home, even if it just for a little while, will disappear as quickly as it came. Until then, I will be dreaming of shreddies, almond milk and my very own oven…


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