Honesty and love – enough to keep me grounded.

To me, it is very important to reflect when travelling. Whilst I absolutely love to travel and it’s in the very essence of who I am and has changed and shaped me from the moment I first stepped foot without my family in 2009 until now, I can’t help but get an overwhelming sense of guilt every once in a while. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, travelling can be a rather selfish activity. It’s about making yourself happy and doing the things you love. What about all those people at home, who may have to do things they don’t love, to look after the people that they do love. (Deep, right?!)

To be able to live life so freely as I am doing is a far cry from reality and I find it vital that I look back with graciousness at those who have loved and supported me despite me living this life for myself. It is to these people I owe the most to and wanted to take a moment to thank them.

I love you and you are on my road with me where I go!


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