Catching up

Again it’s been a while since I posted, and even longer since I posted about what’s going on! So I guess it’s time for a rather overdue catch up…

We are in New Zealand now, and currently residing in sunny Nelson! Which is apparently the sunniest place in New Zealand, and so far so good in that respect. Nelson is a lovely little place, very liveable and a good size. It has a good feel and is full of creative types, a nice farmers market, lots and lots of coffee and gorgeous scenery aplenty.


We are both working in a lovely hostel in return for accommodation. I’m doing the reception 3 days a week and Ed is cleaning, 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. In return, we get a nice warm bed in a room with 2 others, free wifi and laundry. All in all a great deal for us! We have been here 3 weeks and will be here another 4 weeks until they close for the quiet winter months. Alongside that, I’m working in a hotel the remaining 4 days of the week. Which means I am busy and have no time to explore! But the funds need replenishing so for now I shall be working hard and saving as much as possible.

The fire and it’s creator…

Since being in the real swing of the blog, we spent 3 amazing weeks in Malaysia. That country was so surprising, beautiful and unexpected. I will blog all about it when I find the time… (ie. now, while I’m on reception enjoying the quiet tourist month of May :-)…) we also popped to Singapore, finished off Thailand and had a ruddy good holiday in Hong Kong with some family after almost 8 months apart! Again, more to follow properly soon.

New Zealand has been interesting and challenging already, with moral decisions being questioned with regards to a desperate search for employment. I definitely overthink things…


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