Nine months of wandering through life

Being on the road for 9 months gives you a heck of a lot of time to evaluate and ponder all sorts of things about life. From simple things to the bigger questions in life (of which I will give no example, as these will ultimately vary from person to person), I have had a lot of time to listen to the interior tickings of my head and approach questions and forthcomings that weren’t once there.
Like how I wish the simplicity and beauty in every day life could be appreciated more. The memory of witnessing one man and the overwhelming love he had for his dog, the way a simple song manages to take me back to the best memories and stir such a wave of emotion, being able to see stars after months, being able to drink water out of a tap, and the conversations in broken English about the life of some glorious people I have met. All these simple things and so many more are what have made me appreciate, evaluate, question and ultimately love so much more.

I have learnt that life is full of tiny little moments that make up the enormous story book of our existence, and these glorious moments often pass by unappreciated or overlooked. From taking a step back from the normal facade of life I have truly been able to realise that what once could have been viewed as minor, or even non-existent details, are the very details that lead us to the bigger picture and are the most valuable and precious moments.

I have been shown what I like to think I have always known, that people are all human beings, no one is superior to another. I have experienced love and emotion that cannot be described or put into words through the actions of others. This trip was never about ‘finding oneself’ or a ‘journey of self-discovery’ – such phrases would usually make me feel queasy, but being in certain situations, and meeting such gracious people has made me realise how small a place I carry on the planet and how important it is to value and appreciate those that have helped you build your life.

And now I don’t know how to end this post. No cheesy quote could possibly convey the amount of love and how grateful I am for everyone who has impacted my life through those tiny moments. Love you all x


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