Being Home

This post is a long time coming… 6 weeks in fact. We arrived home to good ‘ole England back towards the end of August. I have been so busy seeing people, sorting out my life and moving cities that I didn’t even stop to write this post!

So… Home. Home is home. Home is wonderful, safe, familiar and at the same time, after being on the road for a year, totally different. But most of all it is love, laughter, friendship and family and that is one unbeatable combination.

The feeling of dread whilst I waited to board the last leg of our journey, the plane in California (dread of both the plane journey and the imminent arrival into the UK) was very much there at the front of my mind. When I first booked the flights home I was excited and bouncing around at the thought of seeing people I love, and whilst this feeling was absolutely always there, I was also feeling complete and utter sadness at saying goodbye to life on the road and the ultimate sense of freedom we had. Touching down in England, spirits of course lifted as I was greeted in a very Love Actually fashion, complete with signs, running, tears, laughter, squeals and best friends. Throw in a VERY surprised mother who was not expecting me that day and it all made for a beautiful welcome home. Queue weeks of joyful reunions, eating, drinking, playing, visiting, eating, playing, eating… You get the idea. And the first few weeks passed in a waist expanding blur.

Within a couple of weeks, the glaringly obvious fact that I was absolutely financially broke like never before, with a small but significant little pile of debt, continued to rear it’s unattractive head and stressed me right out. Lots of endless internet searching, plenty of job applications and plenty of rejections, I finally managed to get a job in the beautiful city of Oxford. So here I am. Working hard, enjoying life in a new city, making new friends, missing Ted, and missing the great unknown. Life is sweet in a different way now and for the next year or so will follow a different path. Which is okay! Inevitable, okay, fun and exciting. Life is good and life is beautiful as always, even in grey England. My family, friends, Ted and I are healthy, alive and well. Those things are simple yet complex, and I am fundamentally grateful to say those words.

I still have so much catching up to do on this blog so this isn’t an ‘over and out’ sort of post, more of a very delayed ‘honey I’m home!’ post.

I have loved writing this blog, sometimes found it a chore, sometimes sat for hours with oodles of inspiration writing and writing and writing. I am super grateful for everyone who has read any of my ramblings and I have plenty more to say. So I will keep on writing!

Oh and I guess I should say, the past year has been off the damn chain!! Unbelievable, more than I could ever have imagined, cliche as hell but I couldn’t care less – it was life changing. It’s hard to explain in words so that will do. Thank you to you all.

Peace and love my friends x


One thought on “Being Home

  1. GG'sTravels says:

    i love your blog and feel i can relate to you so much rosie, in a right dilema at the moment and wish i could phone you for a chat! lots f love and cant wait to catch up in person soon i hope xxxxxxx

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