In the tiny, precious moments, life is beautiful

Sometimes you try so hard to explain a feeling, thought, emotion anything… And it’s impossible. Then, something tiny happens that makes life beautiful and the thought or feeling, or perplexity of trying to understand let alone explain, is gone. And to me this is extraordinary, beautiful, precious, tiny and a marvel. Finding such glorious warmth in little things is wonderful and (of course) unexplainable.

Lately I’ve found hope, happiness, brief yet glorious moments of elation in the tiny things in life; which is absolutely necessary as the whirlwind of emotions of being on the road is temporarily over.
Like feeling confused, stressed or any other less than wonderful emotion and then hearing a song so perfect for that very moment that life becomes absolutely beautiful and untouchable. Recently I was walking along in bleak, grey, weather and saw bright yellow flowers seemingly growing out of a hole in some ugly concrete and in that tiny moment felt a serene sense of happiness. Beauty is all around and when you notice it, it fills you inside and during those little moments you can’t imagine feeling anything less than glorious.

On that note I’ll leave you with a song that has been one of those tiny, beautiful moments lately.



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