Being a veggie on the road

As you may or may not know, I am a serious veggie and have been for a number of years. Being a vegetarian and being able to find and enjoy delicious food whilst on the road can often be a stretch, a considerable challenge that leaves you eating your bread roll in the corner. On the other hand, it can be a delight to the senses, and, depending on where you travel, a walk in the park.

There are a few great resources, hints and tips out there to make being veggie easier while  you travel. My favourite:

Number 1 – a dictionary. Learn or write down the words vegetarian, no meat and please, hope for the best and  you should get on just fine! This was how I got by is Mongolia, Russia, China where by accent was unfortunately not second to none.

Number 2 – Happy Cow! Happy Cow is a great website that lists eateries and restaurants in all corners of the world that offer veggie/vegan meals. It literally covers everywhere (or at least all the places I have been) and lists price ranges, food styles and reviews from fellow Happy Cow-ers.

Number 3 – travel to places that are veggie friendly. Asia is a wonderful destination for the vegetarians out there, with the huge array of fresh dishes and street food available there is always at least a few options that have no meat or can be made veggie.

Number 4 – Travel everywhere else too. Don’t let being veggie stop you exploring, even it means eating can be a challenge. There is always something to get you by, just be inventive! One of the least veggie friendly places I’ve traveled to, surprisingly, is Australia. The cities are fine enough, but get out onto the road and you will be surrounded by meat pies, meat pies and… more meat pies.

I am going to try to post regularly about great veggie food and travel. I am always scouring blogs looking for others advice on the subject in particular locations, so I may as well try to be useful too.


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