Finding a job in Australia on the 417: Working Holiday Visa 

Many, many people aged between 18-30 flock to Australia in search of the beach dream, warmer climes and the laid-back lifestyle that they may be lacking back home. Many, many of these people are also looking for jobs. Over 175000 in fact. So, finding a job to enable you to live out that Aussie pipe dream can be quite tricky when you’ve got all this competition for the casual jobs that employ Backpackers. Australia is not a cheap country by any means, so scoring yourself a job is pretty vital if you want to see some of this enormous land mass and don’t want to live off beans in your 24 bed hostel dorm.

Lots of people wonder how to find a job, and plenty have asked me for advice. The answer is really quite simple – the same way you would find a job at home. Things work the same! You try to make your CV sound like you’re the best thing since sliced bread, you go to your interview and you convince the boss you’re worth employing even though you may leave really, really soon, then bingo! Or something like that.

I guess there are a few little hints and tips to help you along the way but no drastic measures are required. Simple things like absolutely making sure you’ve got an Aussie phone number and applying for jobs that aren’t going to mind about training someone up they know can only stay for a maximum of 6 months anyway due to visa restrictions. Make your CV sound as best you can, hit the areas at the right time of year – when the season is about to kick off. Get your Aussie bank account and tax file number sorted straight away and you’ll be ready to work directly.

See, nothing different to job hunting for casual work anywhere else. The only thing you need to really do, is not worrying, is give it a huge whirl and hope for the damn best!


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