New Zealand

Wanaka, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of my favorite places in the whole world. Though a few years have now passed since I visited it for 2 months, I will remember it for its incredible beauty and amazing people. We are heading back to the land of the long white cloud after wandering around Asia and Australia this year, in the hope to settle for a while and earn some money.

If any of you have been to New Zealand you will know how rugged and amazing it is. To me, the north and south islands are exceptionally different. When you bare in mind that the population of NZ is around 4 million, and about a quarter of those live in Auckland in the north and only one quarter on the whole south island put together, you can begin to imagine the relaxed, slow pace in the south. That’s not to say the north doesn’t hold this charm. It does. Even Auckland; it is not made up of hundreds of high rises and blocks of flats. That was the first thing a kiwi guy told me; New Zealander’s love having a garden and that is why Auckland is so huge! People have their house and their garden. For me, this takes the mean city feel out of the city.
Heading north from Auckland is also a delight. The ever popular Bay of Islands region is popular for good reason. It is stunning! Made up of plenty of islands and awesome beaches it is a destination to relax! Where I stayed you could borrow the kayaks and (attempt to) drag them the few hundred metres toward the beach for a bit of exploring. I also saw wild dolphins, for the first time ever! My kiwi friends found this entertaining, however for me it was exciting as they were just, there!

Wild dophin, Bay of Islands

Heading south will reward you with mountainous terrain, adventures galore and nature coming out of your ears. If you are the outdoorsy type person then New Zealand is definitely for you.

Picking my favorite place in New Zealand would be an exceedingly tricky task. However, there are a few places that particularly stand out to me.

One is Lake Mahinapua, a fairly small lake on the west coast of NZ’s south island. There for just a night, I fell in love with the place.

Something about that place was special beyond words. It was like happiness in its simplest form. The natural beauty of the planet is one of my greatest pleasures and seeing the sun set over the calm lake was such a simple yet amazing thing.

Okay so I don’t want to just reel off all the places I visited in New Zealand. Partly because it would take forever and partly because just reading that would be no fun. I will write up some posts about some of the amazing places soon though!

The last thing you should know, mind you; one of the best things about New Zealand is the people. They are so chilled and relaxed and generally omit a degree of ‘live-loving’ which is a fine thing. Worrying is not of particular concern over in those distant shores. Of course, I cannot speak for all 4 million plus of the people, but my experiences led me to hold the belief that kiwi’s are some of the coolest!




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