Back in 2009, on part of a world trip I stopped in Sydney for just a week. Originally, Australia wasn’t on the agenda but due to my fear of flying (yes, that’s correct) I decided it would be a good idea to stop at Sydney on the way from New Zealand to Asia. And what a worthwhile decision that proved to be. I really did love Sydney.

Sydney is a great place if you’ve got some cash to spend. Though you could possibly squeeze by on a tight budget, you would likely only be able to cover the basics of food and accommodation. If you want to explore, go to attractions and areas just out of Sydney such as the Blue Mountains, you are going to need a bit of spare money, or a ‘fun budget’ to play with. If you want to start jumping out of planes or climbing the bridge then you really will need a fair whack of money.

There are many areas in Sydney, and I stayed in the popular backpacking area of Kings Cross. Though a bit seedy at night, it was lively, fairly cheap and easy to use the public transport. I invested in a See Sydney Pass, that allowed a number of attractions and activities to be visited and done, for a one-off and somewhat cheaper price than paying separately for each place. Using this pass, I took a tour of the Opera House, a boat tour around the harbour, visited Toronga Zoo and the Sydney Aquarium. The aquarium was brilliant and a place I would return to. Aside from this, one of my favourite things I did was to hire bicycles along the sea front at Manly beach. Despite being almost winter in Australia, people were playing in the sea and I went for a paddle. I thoroughly recommend doing this as you can escape the city and breathe in the fresh air whilst seeing locals and travellers mingle and loving life!

With regards to eating, there is pretty much everything you could hope for in Sydney. You can get some fairly cheap backpacker style grub, or you can splash out in a posh restaurant. I must say I don’t really remember anything about the food in Sydney, it was just normal food that I can eat here at home. But, that doesn’t mean bad! If you want Thai, you can get Thai. If you want French you can get French, and so on. Sydney is, so I have read, a ‘foodie paradise’.

One of the best things for me about Sydney is that it is a city by the sea. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the CBD you can head to the coast graced by beautiful beaches. Or you can go and hang out in the Botanical Gardens (albeit unrelated to the sea, but very worthy of at least a mention). There is such a variety of stuff to see and do in Australia that to me I would recommend it. However, I have yet to visit any other places in Aussie land so we will leave this one open…


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