“same same but different”

We visited Vietnam for around a month in the summer of 2011. We fell in love with the place and, maybe even more so, the people. They were just SO GOOD to us. It was heart-warming and something I will remember for a long, long time.

We travelled north to south, like many other travellers. Some do south to north, but we found that out of all those we met, and there are a heck of alot of backpackers in Vietnam, the majority seemed to be doing north to south. Anyway, it doesn’t matter what you do, I just recommend doing it somehow! Vietnam is wonderful in so many ways and should be on every travellers list.

Getting around was an easy, hassle-free affair. Not to mention cheap. There were various options, planes, buses, trains. We liked trains best as they were more comfortable than buses, and we tended to stick to the cheaper tickets so were in with the locals. We saw fantastic sites throughout the journeys, which is why travelling by land trumps flying every time.

I’ve written in detail about the places we visited so take a look!

Find out about the many beautiful places in Vietnam.


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