Money is a powerful thing. Without it we can’t do so much that we want, with too much people can become who they are not. It is a divider in society. Yet the point remains, it is viewed as a necessity in life. And in travel.

Whilst I am a firm believer that travel, adventure and exploration can happen with very little money, a little bit to get you going is always going to be useful. Because we are planning such a big adventure, it is inevitable we need to save money, and lots of it. We are going to be travelling very varied areas of the world. We will be visiting expensive-to-travel-in countries, and then the not-so-expensive-to-travel-in countries, and of course the far-from-expensive countries. Whilst a great deal of money spent travelling can be cut down, we still need some in order to reach these places, and get ourselves on our feet in the pricier areas.

In order to do this, sacrifices (including having a ‘normal’ social life) have had to be made. Some people might find this too tricky a concept, and would question why I am working as many hours as I possibly can and having no time to do a great deal. However for me, it is not a sacrifice, just a mere ‘busy’ period in life that will ultimately lead me to live out my dreams; which is priceless.


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