Sleeping in airports

Well, sleeping in airports. Sometimes a necessary course of action to take. Particularly if flying into a remote, middle-of-nowhere airport, or you are running on empty and need to reserve some money from somewhere. Or, your plane might just be delayed. There a multitude of reasons why you may find yourself sleeping in the good old airport, and I have found myself sleeping in them many a time. Bangkok, Hong Kong, JFK, Shenzhen. These were long stints, all overnighters. And I must say, it is not all that bad. Find a nice place to make home for the next night or two, locate your vital services and take a few supplies, and your laughing. Whilst some airports have considerably less services and amenities, particularly pre check-in, you can still make for a good nights sleep. A good book, maybe a few crosswords and a trusty sarong for a little bit of comfort (also good to keep warm in those icy temperatures created due to the over-use of the air-con) and some grub and you are all set.

Be careful to take note of any work going on in the airport over night, mind you. We didn’t. When sleeping in Hong Kong airport (end of Asia trip, bank balance = 0) we ignored the men in yellow jackets and set up base on some nice comfy seats without arm rests getting in the way of being able to lay down. A couple of hours in, when the buzz around the airport had died down, it was just us and a few other strays who had found themselves also sleeping in the ‘port, and we thought we’d found a winning spot. Alas, we had not. Not long after, the drilling started. And it did not bloody stop. So, we were off around the corner to locate some more armrest-less seats. I suppose that’s a rather nice luxury (if you can call it that) of sleeping in airports. If someone in your dorm (section of chairs) has a ridiculous snore, or the lights are too bright, it’s too noisy, you can just up and move those few hundred paces which might make such a difference to getting those ever-important few hours of kip. So, once we had re-settled into our new shack, we slept again. I awoke quite early due to the noise of the hustle and bustle beginning again (it is an airport after all) and thought I would get up (this means, move from a lying position to a sitting position). I decided to watch over our stuff as the airport was getting a bit busy. Alas, again, I failed to do this and fell asleep. Upon waking, and looking for our shoes to take a morning stroll to the local coffee house (airport coffee stop, 20 metres) we realised that Ed’s flip flops were gone! Yes, they had been half-inched! We thought, surely not! But, unfortunately, our suspicions were confirmed, after having a good search around, we had to admit they were goners.

Message here: don’t fall asleep when on bag duty.


One thought on “Sleeping in airports

  1. The GypsyNesters says:

    Used to have to sleep in the San Juan Puerto Rico airport fairly often as flights from the states would arrive at midnight and the first flight to St Croix (home at the time) left at around 7. Try to avoid it as much as possible these days.

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